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  • Peter J. Strauss, speaks at The American Institute of CPAs® (AICPA) 2017 Engage Conference.

    The AICPA is the world's largest member association representing the accounting profession, with more than 412,000 members in 144 countries and a history of serving public interest since 1887. Participants include CPAs, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Bank & Trust Officers, Investment Advisors and Insurance agents.  The AICPA sets ethical standards for the profession and U.S. auditing standards for private companies, nonprofit organizations, federal, state and local governments.

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    Our very own Joe Ziolkowski, Director of Insurance, Hamilton Captive Management, was recently a Feature Contributor for Captive Review. This publication is a leading resource of news and analysis for the risk management and captive insurance communities. In this featured article, he reflects on the development of reputational risk programs in the marketplace, and the move towards offering solutions for small- and medium-sized entities.

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  • 7th Annual Captive Owners Meeting – The Strauss Law Firm and Hamilton Captive Management – March 2017

    The annual meeting allows for further education, insight, and opportunity for Captive Insurance Company Owners.

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  • Additional Advancements at Hamilton Captive Management - March, 2017

    The Hamilton Captive Management team would like to recognize Rebecca Muckelvaney, Director of Regulatory Compliance, for completing her Associates in Captive Insurance Program (“ACI”).

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  • DGIC – February, 2017

    Peter J. Strauss recently spoke on the benefits of captive insurance companies to the Members and Board of Directors of DGIC...

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  • Hamilton Captive Management Continues to Advance

    Joseph Ziolkowski of Hamilton Captive Management, earns his Associate in Commercial Underwriting Management (A-UM)

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  • The Bahamas: An Insurance Gateway to the World

    THESE DAYS IT SEEMS THAT EVERYONE is talking about captive insurance companies, what they are, why the Bahamas (one of the oldest jurisdictions), is quickly becoming the jurisdiction in which to license your captive insurance company.

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  • Hamilton Captive Management appoints Director of Regulatory Compliance

    Hamilton Captive Management would like to announce that Rebecca Muckelvaney was promoted to Director of Regulatory Compliance effective January 2016.

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  • Captive Insurance - Why the Bahamas?

    A little understood risk management tool, captive insurance has many aspects that, upon acquiring a practical and working understanding of the concept, make it a very valuable and viable strategy for most successful business owners and entrepreneurs to implement. The Bahamas has been a home to captive insurance companies for more than 60 years and still remains a premier choice when considering where such an entity could be domiciled.

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  • Captive Insurance - The Appeal of Domicile in The Bahamas

    As part of the International Finance Corporation's annual publication, Mr. Strauss discusses the favorable decision for owners of captive insurance companies to domicile their captive in the Bahamas.

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