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Licensed Domestically, Internationally, and in U.S. Territories, Hamilton Captive Management has developed a national reputation for providing the highest level of management services to Captive Insurance Companies located around the globe.

Full-Service Captive Management


Hamilton Captive Management believes in the careful cultivation of long-term relationships with our clients. Built on trust, professionalism, and cutting-edge solutions, Hamilton's client-centered approach combined with best-in-class service provides our clients with unparalleled customized management services. Our experience, dedication, quality, and responsiveness are exactly what your Captive Insurance Company needs and deserves.

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Hamilton Captive Management offers an exhaustive suite of services. From the coordination and implementation of your Captive Insurance Company, to the ongoing everyday needs of captive ownership, Hamilton has the resources, qualifications, skill set, and team to guide you from beginning to end. The foundation of our services are based on the four cornerstones of legal guidance, appropriate insurance support, tax and accounting, and regulatory affairs.


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Policy Design & Implementation, Reinsurance, Financial Reporting, Regulatory Compliance, Claims Management, Loss Reserve Administration, Licensure

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    Captive Insurance - Why the Bahamas?

    A little understood risk management tool, captive insurance has many aspects that, upon acquiring a practical and working understanding of the concept, make it a very valuable and viable strategy for most successful business owners and entrepreneurs to implement. The Bahamas has been a home to captive insurance companies for more than 60 years and still remains a premier choice when considering where such an entity could be domiciled.

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  • Speaking Engagements

    Peter Strauss to speak at Hawaii Tax Institute

    On November 7-10, 2016, Peter Strauss travels to Honolulu, HI to speak at the 53rd Annual Hawaii Tax Institute. This will be Mr. Strauss's 6th consecutive year as a speaker at this event, which is being held at the Sheraton Waikiki. Hamilton Captive Management and The Strauss Law Firm are also hosting a cocktail event at this year's Institute.

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